“What’s your favourite immune cell, and why is it the T cell?”

Last weekend, I ran an IamA on Reddit where I welcomed questions from the community around immunology. I posted that after the session, I’d pick one lucky winner’s question to illustrate here!

The most upvoted question was, “What’s your favorite immune cell, and why is it the T cell?” Which is pretty funny to me because for some reason, the T cell is kind of a celebrity cell.

So this post is about why T cells are awesome.

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Cancer and the immune system – illustrated! (Part 2: Vaccine therapies)

In Part 1 of Cancer and the Immune System – Illustrated, we had a look at how the immune system naturally responds to cancer, and how crafty cancer cells evolve to hide from the immune system. We also went into how researchers have harnessed the power of synthetic antibodies in the fight against cancer.

We’ll continue learning more about how researchers are unlocking the power of the immune system to fight cancer, this time focusing on vaccine therapy and cell transfer mechanisms.

When you hear the term “vaccine,” you probably think about your annual flu shot, or kids getting vaccines to pre-educate their immune cells and prevent later infection. These are “preventative vaccines.” In this post we’re going to talk about “treatment vaccines,” which are designed to treat already-established disease. Continue reading

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