10 Awesome Science Gifts for Kids

Here are some of our favorite engaging science gifts for kids!


Stem Box is a subscription service that sends high quality lab-like experiments to your home monthly . Each kit focuses on an aspect of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). They provide all of the materials needed, a protocol, safety equipment, and there’s always a fun, themed toy and stickers. Previous kits have included: strawberry DNA extraction, growing bacteria on agar plates, aviation and aerodynamics, chromatography, lemon-powered clocks, make-your-own wearable tech, and more.


Yellow Scope sells fun chemistry kits that will engage children in learning about chemical reactions, molecular motion, the effects of temperature, and pH.



This owl pellet dissection kit will teach children a bit about the food chain. Kids will get to dissect owl pellets (a.k.a. owl vomit) and reconstruct the animals each owl ate. There’s a bone chart to help in reconstruction and identification.



Learn about the bacteria that are around you in your everyday environment by swabbing household surfaces and growing cultures on these agar plates! (Hint: swab your kitchen sink and the bottoms of your shoes for good positive controls.) Running a pre- and post-hand washing experiment also makes for an excellent hygiene lesson.



This DNA extraction kit contains the materials and instructions for isolating DNA from fruits and vegetables. Children will wind up with a test tube of precipitated DNA. A good conversation starter around DNA (and links up well  concept-wise with the agar plate experiment if you get differently colored colonies!)


Have some super silly laughs with Mad Scientist Mad Libs. Mad Libs are fill-in-the-blank stories with silly outcomes, where children also get practice with the parts of speech. Makes a good stocking stuffer!




Roominate kits let you build buildings and motorize the components using circuits. Learn about conduction while making your construction come to life.



Kiwi Crates offered subscription delivery kits of tinkerers and doodlers of all ages. They offer kits based on age range, ensuring a steady stream of fun, age-appropriate tinkering, engineering, and art projects for kids.




This crystal growing kit allows you to grow seven different types of crystals, and comes with display cases to show them off.




Giant Microbes sells stuffed animal versions of pathogens, immune cells, bodily organs, and more. Kids will learn about biology and microbiology with these cute squishy toys.



And here’s a bonus suggestion:


Our very own immune cell playing cards and children’s immunology book will teach children about their immune systems in an entertaining way! Pairs nicely with the Giant Microbes.



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