Rose’s Superhero Birthday: An Immune Cell Treasure Hunt

Rose’s Superhero Birthday: An Immune Cell Treasure Hunt is a book that takes children on a journey of discovery about the immune cells that keep them safe every day. A curious and inspired girl, Rose has asked her immunologist mom for a science-themed birthday party, complete with a B cell birthday cake. The book follows Rose and her friends through the joys of childhood, including treasure hunts and self-made theatrical performances, while simplifying and illuminating some of the deeper complexities of the immune system.

Book Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
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What people are saying:

“My son wanted to read it cover to cover twice in a row and said “yeah!” and threw up his arms when they killed the virus.” – C.T., mom and nurse

“Love your book! Unique, scientific, and fun with terrific illustrations. I learned so much about immune cells.” – J.F., healthcare consultant

“I’m very interested in science education and see your book as a great way to introduce a complicated subject and not just to children! I expect to learn from it too.” – R.C., scientist

“My 9 year old granddaughter and I read it last night and she loved it! She said “NOW I understand why I feel so terrible when I get sick, there’s lot of stuff going on in my body”!” – J.L., grandmother and immunologist

“Inspiring on many levels!” – C.X., mom and management scientist

“”Science for little girls” is such a worthwhile message.” – A.G., mom and immunologist

“I love seeing ways for scientists to communicate (and demystify) what they do.” – B.C., scientist

What you’ll learn:

The storyline is geared toward girls and boys ages 4-10, but adults and caregivers will learn along the way as well. Readers will learn:

  • What major cell types comprise the human immune system
  • The primary functions of each of the major cell types
  • How these cell types work together / communicate
  • How children can work together to achieve a fun outcome!

In addition to the storyline, the book features an appendix that provides a detailed but accessible summary of each of the cell types, an immune cell family tree, and vignettes on common topics:

  • Where do immune cells come from?
  • How immune cells work together when you have a cold
  • How do immune cells help heal a cut?
  • Why do you get a runny nose?
  • How are babies’ immune systems different?
  • How do allergies work?
  • Why do you wash your hands with soap?
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